Why Buy a Solar Generator?

A solar generator provides reliable power without the cost of fuel, harmful fumes, or the loud noise of gas generators. Our systems are safe to use indoors and are perfect for homes, apartments, well pumps, out buildings etc.

Never be without power during an emergency situation. A solar generator is a must have for any emergency or disaster....because gas can be unavailable.

Please see our FAQ page for answers to many commonly asked questions about our systems.

We have a large selection to choose from in the following categories:

1. Pure Sine Wave Systems: A pure sine wave is the exact same type of current that you have in your home's wall outlets.  Your devices will run cooler and more efficiently when using a pure sine wave generator. They are necessary for using medical equipment, most stereo equipment, items with microprocessors, etc. (see FAQ for more information).

2. Modified Sine Wave Systems: A modified sine wave is slightly different than what you get out of your homes wall outlets. This type of system may not work quite as efficiently as a pure sine wave. They may also cause some electronic humming noises or feedback and not all devices can be used with a modified sine wave (see FAQ page for more information).  Modified sine wave systems work just fine for most general applications such as fans, TVs, lighting, etc. and are a more affordable choice than our pure sine wave generators.

3. 240v Generators: Our 240v systems are for powering devices that run on 240v such as well pumps, some larger power tools, etc. Please note, these generators only power 240v devices.

4. Split phase grid-tie systems: These pure sine wave systems supply both 120v and 240v. They are called grid-tie generators because they can be connected directly to your home's electrical panel. The generator will automatically turn on in the event of a power outage, providing power directly to your home's wall outlets.

You can browse all of our solar generator categories to find what you need. If you don't see what you need, or just can't decide... please contact us.

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